How It Works

The Basics

We take the scores from the previous weeks' games, factor in a little for schedule toughness, and size of the school, then let our custom software crunch the numbers and output the rankings.

The Specifics

The Harrison Power Index is a method of rating the strength of Mississippi high school football teams by giving each team a numerical power rating. The Index allows any team to be compared with any other team in the state. Several factors are considered to determine a team's power rating. The two biggest factors considered are:

  • The point differential between a team and its opponents, and
  • The strength of the teams' opponents based on their point differentials with their opponents.

Other considerations:

Class - Although strength between classes varies, it is accepted that in most years, most 2A teams are stronger than most 1A teams, most 3A teams are stronger than most 2A teams, most 4A teams are stronger than most 3A teams, and most 5A teams are stronger than most 4A teams.

Road Victories - Playing at home is an advantage. Visiting teams are rewarded when they overcome the home-field advantage.

Point Differentials of more than 40 points are not calculated because teams that are winning by more than 40 points are probably allowing second and third team players to finish the game. Additionally, other factors might play into lop-sided games that have little to do with the actual strength of either team.

Interstate games are not considered.

Harrison Power Index
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